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Want the best seat in the house?

Southside Indians urgently need new umpires to ensure we can play ball. In 2021-22 we require at least one ‘Community’ umpire for every junior team, and at least one ‘Association’ umpire for every senior team.

Not sure if umpiring is for you? Check out these Umpiring FAQs!

Q: Do I need baseball playing experience to umpire?
A: While baseball experience may be beneficial, it is not required

Q: Will I be remunerated for umpiring?
A: Yes, options include payment or deductions from Club fees.

Q: Do I have to purchase umpiring equipment?
A: No, equipment is supplied by the Club

Q: How many umpires does the Club need each game?
A: Juniors teams must provide a home plate umpire for home games and a base umpire for away games. Senior teams must provide both umpires for home games.

Q: Can I elect to be a base umpire only?
A: Yes, you won’t be forced to be a home plate umpire

Email secretary@indians.org.au for more information or to register your interest, and remember the QBUA 2021 Association Umpire Seminar will be held on 11 & 12 September! Details at https://www.baseballqueensland.com.au/association-qbua-umpire-seminar-for-2021/?fbclid=IwAR0ltowJ5w2sZX5V6yum–byWbJBgJXeqYng5r50sPGSxXvBEgI8dyRBTGY

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