Tee Ball kicked off tonight with a great number of children ranging from ages 5 to 11.

We had two of our most experienced coaches James Somerville and Glen Brockie take the children through their paces along with some of the clubs current players and volunteers.

Tonight, the children were taken through the following exercises:

  • Aged group warm ups in teams of 5-7
  • Running & weaving between the cones
  • Go under the Bridge, over the Snake & around the Tree
  • Five Star jumps at the end of the cones
  • Warm-up stretches run by Ezekiel and Ava (current players)

The children then split up into groups and Group 1 headed to the main Diamond to have a game of Stuck in the Mud – Baseball style. Group 2 were split between Glen & Ezekiel to take them through the fundamentals of throwing a ball. Each Group then rotated to take turns.

After the fun of throwing and stuck in the mud, they all gathered at the Main Diamond to have a chance to test their speed and learn the basics of base running before breaking into 2 teams to out run the Diamond and see which team could take the Win.

After all the fun of being introduced to baseball basics, they were handed their baseball gloves and given homework before they return next Friday for another session of fun and games.